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Submitted on
October 30, 2006


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This new version of the site offers several drastic structural changes, most notably the introduction of community based interaction. Anyone who surfs to this space now has the ability to not just look at artwork, but also to register and become a participating member of a brand new community. This community is one that has been purged of old attitudes and is now totally committed to being a constructive and positive environment; a place where any artist of any skill level can come and receive detailed advice on how to improve, be given suggestions for other sites to check out, or just to socialise recreationally. At present, any registrant obtains access to their own user page and the new, moderated forums. Plans slated for imminent implementation will see these facilities greatly expanded, as we aim to offer a community like no other; A community by artists, for artists, with services specifically engineered for artistic development.

Community aside, this re-release also cuts the ribbon on our latest exhibition, XXVII, also known as 'Vivid'. Due to the long period of downtime and the longest disconnection from each other we’ve had since forming or joining this little group, I feel it is safe to say that 'Vivid' is the pack we are proudest and most relieved to see get released. There are many little nuggets of genius in this pack, with artworks, photography and music from all your favourite depthCORE artists on display, accompanied by a veritable deluge of genius from our featured artist, the unspeakably talented and versatile Jeff Huang.

On behalf of the entire group and its administration, I'd like to After our longest and most troubled hiatus to date, invite you to visit our site as we embark on the next chapter of our history.

Before wrapping up, I would like to thank each and every person who donated to our emergency relief fund; without your generosity, the group may have never recovered.

Your kindness will not be forgotten.

Justin Maller
Creative Director
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awesome stuff
as always
starfantazy Nov 1, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
cheese-cube Nov 1, 2006
depthCORE always has great work. Keep it up.
RazelLiu Nov 1, 2006   Photographer
Long time not see you,
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