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December 11, 2003
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TUSK by ekud TUSK by ekud

Made for the new depthCORE release.

A piece that I could do absolutely nothing with, that still seems to have turned out alright.

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Daily Deviation

Given 2003-12-12
TUSK by +ekud is one of the exceptional pieces of extraordinary abstract art released in the 10th pack by the wicked artists in depthCORE. ( Featured by jark )
chaldea Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007
Ha this piece got some funny comments in the first page, gotta love those pseudo-intellectuals. I vividly remember this piece as a flash front page (Webdiod made it I believe) and the music that went with it. Created a mood and thats what I used to love about the old Depthcore releases. The front splash page of each theme set the tone for what was inside (Favourite splash pages were Symphony, forgot what pack but it was the Reticore(Niteangel) piece and the one that was released to mark Dc's 1st birthday, accompanied by that song "The Fall' by sr-7(?))Made one want to explore the rest of the pack even more. BRING THE SPLASH PAGE BACK!!!!
ekud Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Splashes will be making their return shortly! Alphakx did this one actually, not webdiod, though he did do most of them.

Yeah, back in the good ole days when people actually wrote more than 'this is cool lol'
aker1 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2007
swet forms!
THATGUYWHODRAWS Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
Very nice work. so crisp, very good
Shaggy87 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2005
holy shit!!! nice work!! :worship:
jakeisjake Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2005
marcinxp Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Simple yet stunning
VektorKunst Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2005   Digital Artist
wow, beautiful work
jackdirt Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2005
you know the last time i remember ever looking at your stuff you were just beginign 3d and you were far from spectacular. No offense, wait has it been that long. Damn I suck anyway moving on. You composition in this is awesome you really activate that negative space nciely. The utilization of color and light to create this lumianry dream like focus is more than elegant. Ashame you never got into breed but who the hella re they now anyway. I think I got kicked out of breed now that i think of it. Oh well I just wanted to say your progression is fantastic and I lvoe what you've done with your hair?
ekud Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the comment bro.

I'm glad Breed didnt take me as well, I wouldn't have started depthCORE otherwise..

and yeh, i've been featuring dd's since 02 man. Glad you're on the ball :)
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